Decarbonising homes, faster

The planet needs us to get our homes out of the fossil era, fast.

At Lun, we remove any and all friction standing in the way.

What we know: Climate

We need to reduce our CO2 emissions...

... so that temperature change doesn't skyrocket...

... and it needs to happen fast to stay within the carbon budget

What we know: Europe


of EU CO2 emissions comes from residential energy

80 million

Europeans live in energy poverty

Energy emits too much and is unafordable...


a heat pump is between 3-4x as efficient as a gas boiler

90 million

fossil fuel boilers heating European homes

... and heat pumps could save a ton of energy...


of European countries report a severe shortage of electricians


worker shortage across EU is plumbers

...but there's not enough people to install them

Backed by the world's best VC funds

At Lun, we're building the tools to help European heat pump installers decarbonise Europe.

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