For heat pump installers looking to level up their lead management

Automated estimates, centralized lead management, professionally designed onboarding flow, and much more

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Automated lead gathering

Leads are coming to you from OEMs, wholesalers, over the phone, in your CRM, making you switch systems and lose time.

Lun’s custom integrations and services centralize your leads in one place, so you can focus on qualified leads.

Immediate estimates

Customers often don't know how much a heat pump will cost them. Many of them are just shopping around.

Lun automatically generates estimates based on your templates and prices, so customers can qualify themselves without wasting your time.

Professional onboarding flow

Was there a time where you missed information from a customer and had to call them again? Not anymore.

With Lun's onboarding flow, customers fill in all required information themselves. On top, Lun integrates with public registries, satellite imagery and more to improve quality of data in your systems.

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Bring your heat pump business into the 21st century

Our all-in-one platform is built for tradesmen installing heat pumps. Try Lun for free and see how amazing your business could be.

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How much does it cost?

You can try managing leads with Lun for free. Advanced features like inspections, system design and quoting are available for free trial and then charged per installation. Lun only makes money when you succeed in installing heat pumps.

How do you know which prices to use for the estimates?

All of our estimates are based on templates you set up in the platform. Our platform uses only the prices you choose.

How will leads from my OEM/wholesaler get into Lun?

With your permission, we will setup an agreement with your OEM/wholesaler to accept leads on your behalf. Then, we setup a tailor-made integration to transfer leads to Lun's platform and generate estimates.